DC-DC Step-Down Converter

Module Description DC DC Step Down Converter Module

This module is not specific to the Arduino family, it can be used for any electronic system requiring a regulated power supply that is very precise, stable and completely free of interference.

It is therefore a DC-DC converter of the "Step-Down" type, ie a voltage step-down.
It is composed of an integrated circuit LM2596S which is the heart of the system, a potentiometer for adjusting the output voltage and filter capacitors.
The module is in fact a switching power supply operating at the frequency ( measured at no load ... ) of 26.631KHz with an input voltage of + 15V.

I performed a second measurement under the following conditions:

  • Input voltage range up to +40 V
  • Input current limitation: 1A
  • Load: Platinum " Ready for PIC"equipped as follows:
    • 1 x PIC18F4620 processor
    • 1 x DS1307 RTC clock with AT24C32 EEPROM memory
    • 1 x 4x20 character I2C LCD display
    • 1 x MCP23017 I2C Port Expander
    • 1 x FT232RL USB TTL Serial module
  • Regulated output voltage: + 5.0V( there is barely 160mV of residual wave ... very good )
  • Current actually drawn by the stabilized laboratory power supply: 66.9mA
  • Switching frequency: 53.476Kz

It goes without saying that with this type of converter it is obviously possible to supply a 3.3V assembly such as the BlueTooth HC06 module for example. described briefly in one of my other articles, or any other system requiring a specific power supply.

→ I bought this module here in September 2014 for € 1.79 ( free shipping ).

Schematic diagram of the module that I redesigned under Eagle: Download button

DC-DC Step-Down Converter

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