YwRobot Breadboard Power Supply

Module Description Breadboard Power Supply (Product ID 545043)

This module is not specific to the Arduino family, it can be used for any electronic development system requiring one or even two very precise regulated power supplies, and very easily usable with a "Breadboard" type board of the MB-V2 type.

It is equipped with 2 "Low Dropout Fast Response" regulatorsin SOT-223 box each delivering a voltage of + 5V and + 3.3V.
The power supply is via a DC Jack plug, and the rails are separately switchable thanks to the use of 2 jumpers.
It then becomes possible to select the voltage that suits you best according to your application.

Make sure to align the module correctly on the board. The negative (-) pin on modules ranks with the blue (-) line on the Breadboard and the positive (+) pin lines up with the red (+) line. If you don't, you risk reversing the tension of your project..
The USB connector is used to power an external device. Do not attempt to use it to power the Breadboard.

Important note

I deliberately added 2 diodes of type 1N4007 between the outputs and the inputs of the 2 regulators ( although not necessary according to the datasheet ), because they do not really last very long: their destruction can become very fast ( mine does not did not last 1h ... )!

Edit of July 10, 2017:

I have 5 of these modules, and I have already had 4 of them, all supplied with a stabilized, regulated and filtered DC12V power supply !!!
I therefore advise to systematically replace these AMS1117 regulators  ( see the datasheet) which seem to me far too fragile ( at the same time they are certainly not sorted components given the price of the module! ) by LM1117IMP-5.0 and LM1117IMP-3.3 ( see the datasheet) from Texas Instruments.
However, the AMS1117 admits up to + 15V maximum at the input, against + 20V maximum for the LM1117.
For the moment, the module on which I replaced the regulators works without problem, to see their reliability over time ...

Explanation :
When the module power supply is cut, the electrochemical capacitor C2 (100µV / 16V) is still charged to approximately + 5V while the input of the regulator IC1 (AMS1117-5) has dropped to almost 0V. In fact, the output voltage being greater than that of its input, a reverse current flows inside the regulator, which can causeits destruction shortly( and even very briefly ... ).
This phenomenon also applies to the second regulator IC2 (AMS1117-3.3) if an electrochemical filter capacitor is connected to its output via the Breadboard card.
With its protection diode, when the voltage on the input of the regulator disappears, the potential then becoming close to 0V, the cathode of the diode is more negative than its anode ( still charged to the potential of the electrochemical capacitor ) and the diode becomes in fact conductive, while it is naturally blocked in steady state. The residual potential at the output of the regulator immediately flows to ground, instantly discharging the filter capacitor (C2). The regulator is thus protected.

This mishap happened to me, and I was forced to replace the 2 regulators.
I could not find these same two models, and replaced them with LM1117IMP-5.0 and LM1117IMP-3.3 from Texas Instruments ( see the datasheet) .
So I soldered the 2 protection diodes in the DO-41 box in "pull-out" assembly directly on the regulators.
Here is the photo of my montage, simple and efficient.

Module specifications

  • On / Off switch
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Input voltage 6.5-12v (DC) via 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug
  • Maximum output current 700 mA
  • Control rail independent output: 0v, + 3.3v, + 5v ( on the Breadboard )
  • Size 50.8 mm x 25.4 mm
  • USB connector delivering + 5V output for convenient external use

Left and right voltage output can be configured independently.
To select the output voltage, move the jumper to the corresponding pins.

→ I bought this module here in June 2017 for € 1.51 (plus shipping ).

Oscillogram of the fall times for the 2 voltages

Oscillogram of the fall times for the 2 voltages ...
with CH I on + 5V and CH II on + 3.3V respectively, measurement carried out when empty, ie the module mounted alone on the breadboard.
The fall time is here about ½ second when the power supply is cut off ( with the 2 protection diodes ).

Schematic diagram of the module that I redesigned under Eagle: Download button

YwRobot Breadboard Power Supply (Product ID 545043)

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