Column drill etau

image of a drill press ...Why this article?
Quite simply because it is difficult to obtain a vice for a column drill in large DIY stores!
There are, of course, but they are often part of an inseparable whole. In fact, owners of antique equipment like mine ( Peugeot M7 engine block and its accessories + drilling column ) or any other unequipped system are at an impasse. Condemned to damage their fingers, or even more!
Fortunately, the Internet world exists !!!
I personally oriented my choice on a tool ( Röhm BSH80) with jaws of 80mm, and having a maximum opening of 85mm. 72x13mm side lights allow easy positioning of the vise relative to the axis of the forest. With these characteristics, it already covers a good field of use ... I offer you the manufacturer's datasheet, in order to get an idea:
Datasheet / Röhm_BSH80.pdf

After some research with the help of my favorite browser ( Mozilla Firefox ... ), I managed to find the address of a supplier in France. For the quality and speed of the service ( order placed on Thursday June 11, 2009 on their secure site, receipt of my package the following Monday ... ), I had to thank them. Here is their contact details:

Alpesite Outillage
Quartier Samson
04500 RIEZ France
Tel: 05 45 38 04 09

Site: http://www.outillage-a-bois.com
e-mail: tool at sales-internet.com [remove _nospam_]

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