EJP switching controller (version 2)

[ Edit of 02/11/2016 ]
I resumed my work in order to add an important function to this board, the detection of PULSADIS pulses!

I am currently in the process of "manipulations", a delicate step if there is one since it is a question of designing a "Pulsadis simulator" which uses the 220V sector as a carrier ...
I can now work on it thanks to my brand new isolation transformer.
Without this tool, it is impossible to work in the security sector, and even less to carry out measurements with an oscilloscope!
I will write a new article when I succeed ...

the new functional ejp (version 2) board ...

As I mentioned in my previous article on this same subject, I have since worked and developed a new fully functional control board, this time using a Ready for PIC board powered by a PIC18F4520. This microcontroller has 32K of flash memory, 1536 bytes in SRAM and 256 bytes in EEPROM.
This control card not only has 3 7-segment displays, but also has a 2x16 character LCD display. The RTC clock is integrated in it and it also has a 24C08 type EEPROM memory for storing certain parameters.
Some pictures of this new version :

the new EJP board (version 2) ...    the new EJP board (version 2) ...
  the new EJP turntable (version 2) ... behind the scenes!    
the control and display board ... front ...   the control and display board ... back ...   Display Module v1651 Components PCB

Here is the diagram of the control and display board produced with Eagle:

EJP PLC Control / display board for 'Ready for PIC'

I still have to draw and design the power card which will integrate, in addition to the commands of the auxiliary relays ( or opto-triacs I don't know yet ... ), the isolated interfaces thanks to opto-couplers.
The power supply will call on a specific compact module of the "Step-Down" type, the ECE05US12 model from XPPOWEROWER.
Here are the main characteristics ( the other specifications being included in the component datasheet):

Input Voltage 85-264 VAC (120-370 VDC) derate load from 100% at 90 VAC to 90% at 85 VAC
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
Input Current ECE05: 0.1 A rms at 230 VAC
Inrush Current 20 A at 115 VAC, 40 A at 230 VAC,
cold start at 25 ° C
Power Factor EN61000-3-2 Class A
Earth Leackage Current Class II construction no earth
No Load Input Power <0.3 W
Input Protection Internal T1 A / 250 VAC fuse

This Step Down power supply  delivers a DC12V / 5W voltage directly from the 230V AC mains, with an excellent efficiency of 82%.
This version is obviously the most successful, since I even had the printed circuit ( double-sided with metallized holes, sparing varnish and silkscreen printing ) made for the control / display board, while version 1.7 did not exist. as on the EasyPIC7 development board as well as on a "proto" board.

The rest will come when I will look at the subject again, having other projects underway at the same time ... See you
very soon, I will inform my visitors in due time ...

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