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Update November / December 2020

image from Elektor magazine

Green-card memberchipI have a solid collection of the Elektor magazine.
From almost the start of publication of our favorite magazine until the end of 2015, it was present in monthly form, except in July / August for which we had a double issue.
The year 2016 was the advent of a double issue in January / February, and from 2017 the publication became bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September and November.

For possible reasons of formatting errors, the journal table is no longer exported as in the past in Excel format, but remains of course downloadable according to the OpenOffice format ( version currently used : Apache OpenOffice 4 ) that I 'have been using for many years.
I apologize to the users of this spreadsheet, it's totally beyond my control!

punctuation-iconThis can help you out in case the magazine, or article, you are looking for is sold out at  Elektor .

smilePlease check their site to see if the journal or article you are looking for is still available for download ( often for a fee ). 

savetdm_elektor.ods   calc logo  

This 3-part table includes the following elements:

  1. Section: all the sections and their corresponding code
    partial view of the Elektor table

  2. Table of Contents: comprising for example the following information
    partial view of the Elektor table

    The number indicated in the 'Tort' column corresponds to the 'Tort d'Elektor' when it exists.
  3. Owned numbers: a table grouping together all the journals I own, month by month, year by year, like this for example
    partial view of the Elektor table
    red right arrowIf the journal number is grayed out, it means that I don't own it.

I have also deleted the file in * .pdf format, which has also become useless, given the fact that I have redesigned my table by incorporating clickable links to PDF articles as well as PCB's, software / firmware versions ( when available ... ) Elektor CD / DVD-Rom ( for those who have them, and who will have previously installed them as indicated in my file, see the 'Introduction' tab ).

Note : When opening the file, your spreadsheet will probably warn you that there are macros.
Do not hesitate, accept, these are the ones I created and for which I defined an entry in the Text menu.
They allow, among other things, the rapid formatting of the table, the search according to several criteria, etc ... in plain text, they facilitate its use.

work icon [40x40px]My table is still despite everything still under construction, so don't be too surprised if some information is missing, or if it is wrong ... I
upload as I go ...

It is possible, despite my very numerous checks ( I'll let you imagine the time spent behind my keyboard ... ), that errors may persist.
Thank you in advance for notifying me by e-mail specifying the row number (s) as well as the type of error encountered, I will correct the content of my table as soon as possible.
I draw your attention to the fact that I sell absolutely nothing, copies that I could send you by e-mail only would be free of charge.

message f2Do not hesitate to visit my download page , you never know, the article you are looking for may already be there ...

punctuation-iconPlease mention a valid e-mail address when sending your message, it will be more convenient to communicate ...

You are free to reproduce, distribute, communicate and adapt this table
of contents under the terms of the Creative Commons License .
Attribution - NonCommercial Use - ShareAlike
3.0 France.
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