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view of part of the electrical panel ...Here is how I distributed the electrical energy in my lab. This is only my personal conception, once again. Everyone is of course free to proceed differently.
For the power supply apart from the lighting installation as well as the few existing sockets, I opted for a box to equip - 2 rows 18 modules - 375 x 355 x 103.5 mm - with terminal blocks.

The top row accommodates:

The bottom row houses 5 modular sockets 10A to 16A 250V ~ - 2P + E - 2.5 modules including:

  • 1x for the "MEASURE" sockets
    They consist of a Multi-socket 8 Diall sockets, which allows me to supply all of my equipment:
    • The HAMEG HM407 oscilloscope
    • The DF1641A function generator
    • The BlackStar METEOR 100 frequency meter
    • FELEC 2211 power supply
    • The WELLER WEPC-20 soldering station
  • 1x for the "DEVELOPMENT" sockets
    They consist of a Multi-socket 8 Diall sockets, which allows me to supply all of my equipment:
    • some 12V power supplies mainly designed with switching power supplies, which consume less energy
    • and of course the different devices that I create or restore
  • 1x for the isolation transformer absolutely essential for repairing and / or carrying out measurements ( with the oscilloscope for example ... ) on switching power supplies
  • 1x for the AC12V adapter supplying the bench top security system, visible on the second row of the cabinet
  • 1x for APC BE700G-FR inverterwhich supplies, among other things, my laptop and its numerous USB hubs ( 2x USB 2.0 with 7 ports each, and 1x 7-port USB 3.0also ). All this little world keeps all the equipment I absolutely need "alive", such as external hard drives, the external DVD-Rom reader / writer, the mikroelektronika EasyPICv7 development board and the PICkit3 programmer, and I have surely forgotten others ...

This box draws its energy directly from the output of the general circuit breaker of my home via a 3x2.5mm² cable, the distance separating the box from the main electrical panel being only about 6 meters. Here is the view of my equipped box:

view of the electrical box in my lab ...On the top right row, you can distinguish the power contactor with its control cable equipped with an RJ11 plug, which allows control via the remote control box ( see the article I wrote on this subject ) . The set is both simple and practical.

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