HP816A anemometer

image of the HP816A Anemometer

Strong points

  • Beaufort scale *
  • Felt temperature.
  • Temperature


MR 330 Anemometer - The information below will help you choose the most suitable product for your needs, Conrad

For many activities such as sailing, kite flying and board sports, it is important to know the strength of the wind. The anemometer shows you the wind speed in the main units of measurement and also via the Beaufort scale.

Scope of delivery

  • Sensor
  • Battery
  • Manual

* The Beaufort scale is a scale used to classify winds according to their speed.

Technical characteristics

Wind speed 0 up to 90 Km / h, 0 up to 30 M / s, 0 up to 55 Knots, 0 up to 65 MPH, 0 up to 5860 Ft / min
Precision ± 5%
Measuring range 0 up to 30 M / s
Alim. station CR 2032 button cell batteries, included
Color black
Weight 50 g
Width 40 mm
Category anemometer
Height 19 mm
Length 141 mm

PDF copy of the user manual found on the CONRAD website (in French, English, German, Dutch) pdf3

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