XR2206 base function generator

My function generator based on an XR2206, a little old, certainly, but very complete:

- Bandwidth from 0.1Hz to 1MHz (it's a BF gen, eh !!!)
- An 'AUDIO' knob which allows you to quickly switch from 20Hz to 20KHz
- Sine, Triangle, Square (with the added bonus of a divider / 10), Variable width pulses in 5 calibers (100ns to 10ms, positive or negative please !!!)
- Offset
adjustment - Peak adjustment up to 15V (there is still square)
- Output attenuator in several calibers, also with the possibility of isolating the output signal without disconnecting the probe ...
- Signal output on BNC (2, it is practical to also connect the frequency meter), DIN 5 pins and 2 CINCH (and yes, I was doing audio with ...)

The machine still dates from 1985 .... this explains its slightly 'weathered' appearance ...

image of the Function generator (base XR2206)

I reconstructed the diagram that I used during its construction:

diagram of my function generator ...

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