HAMEG HM407-2 Analog / Digital Oscilloscope

My new oscilloscope ( bought second-hand at the beginning of January 2014 on a French site for 305 € including postage! ) Which now replaces my old HAMEG HM412-5 which gives some small signs of fatigue ( multi-turn potentiometersetting the sweep delay that "spits" ), but still works well ...

Image of the HAMEG HM407-2 Analog / Digital Oscilloscope


Technical specifications :

Vertical deviation

Operating modes: Channel I or II alone, I and II
alternated or split. (Dec. frequency: approx. 0.5MHz)
Addition and difference of channel I and ± II
XY function: via channels I and II
Bandwidth: 2 x 0 to 40MHz (-3dB).
Rise time: <10ns. Overshoot: <1%
Deviation coefficients: 14 calibrated positions of
1mV / div. at 20V / div. (in sequence 1, 2, 5), Variable
2.5: 1 to 50V / div.
Accuracy of calibrated positions:
1mV / div. at 2mV / div .: ± 5% (0 to 10MHz (-3dB))
5mV / div. at 20V / div .: ± 3%
Input impedance: 1MΩll18pF.
Input coupling: DC-AC-GD (ground)
Input voltage: 400V max (= + peak ~)


Automatic: (peak to peak) 20Hz to 100MHz (≤5mm)
Normal: DC to 100MHz (image> 5mm)
Flank: positive or negative
Alternate trigger (≤8mm), trigger LED display
Sources: Channel I or II, channel I alt., channel II, mains, external
Coupling: AC (10Hz to 100MHz), DC (0 to 100MHz),
               HF (50kHz to 100MHz), LF (0 to 1.5kHz).
External triggering : ≥ 0.3Vcc from 0 to 100MHz
TV synchro active separator: frames and lines; +/-
2nd trigger: with level control and
choice of edge (0-100MHz)

Horizontal deviation

Time base: 1-2-5 sequence; accuracy ± 3%
Analog: 22 calibrated positions from 0.5s to 50ns / div
Digital: 27 calibrated positions from 100s to 0.2μs / div.
Variable (analog) 2.5: 1 to 2.5s / div.
Expanding x 10: 10ns / div. ± 5%, num. 20ns / div. ± 5%
Delay: 120ms to 200s, variable
Inhibition time: variable up to approx. 10/1
Amplifier X bandwidth: 0 to 3MHz (-3dB) Amplifier
input X by Channel II
Phase difference X and Y: <3% below 120kHz


Digital mode

Operating modes: refresh, scroll,
single shot, XY, env., Medium. ( with junction of points )
Sampling (real time): 100MS / s max (8bits flash)
Number of signal input: 180 / s max
Memory: 2k x 8 bits per channel
Reference memories: 2k x 8 bits per channel
Resolution in dots / cm: 200 (X) x 25 (Y); XY 25x25
Pre / Post-trigger: 25,50,75,100; -25, -50, -75%

Operating mode, control, display

Manual: with the front panel keys
Autoset: (automatic configuration setting)
Save and recall 9 programs
RS232 interface as standard
Option: HO79-6 multifunction interface : RS232, IEEE-
488, Centronics (binary, HPGL, PCL, EPSON)
Readout: Display of param. measurement on screen
Measurements with ΔU, Δt or 1 / Δt (freq.) cursors HZ70
opto interface (optional)

Component tester

Test voltage: approx. 7Veff (no load) Freq .: approx. 50Hz
Test current: approx. 7mA eff (short circuit)
One of the outlets is earthed.


Tube: D14-363GH, 8x10cm, internal graticule.
Acceleration voltage: about 2kV
Z input: max + 5V (TTL)
Calibrator: 0.2V ± 1% = 1kHz / 1MHz (tm <4ns)
Power supply: 100V to 240V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz.
Consumption: approx. 42W at 50Hz
Operating temperatures: 0 ° C ... + 40 ° C
Protection: class I (IEC 1010-1)
Weight: approx. 6.0kg, color: techno-brown
Dimensions of the box: L 285, H 125, P 380mm

Link to the HAMEG site.

PDF copy of the HM407-2.01 user manual downloaded from the ROHDE & SCHWARTZ website pdf3

[Edit of April 6, 2018]: I am also adding in the archive a copy of the HM407 Service Manual provided free of charge by Jean-Noel H. Thank you again, it is very nice to him.

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