HM407 adjustment procedure

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Image 1

It sometimes happens that the device loses its memory a little ( an onset of Alzheimer's? ) ...
Indeed, sometimes during commissioning, mine loses the references of one ( or even both ) vertical channels . The trace is often found at the top well beyond the screen, and if I bring it back to zero with the vertical position adjustment knob (13/14), the small mark is then found elsewhere than on this axis of reference. Sometimes also, the track is off-center on one side ...

Well, never mind, if this happens to you, there is fortunately a method to make up for it!
The magic word is the MENU .

Note : I have included in this section part of the contents of the HAMEG HM407 user manual (see pages 25-26 and 43-44)

The device software contains several menus. The commands relating to the menus are described in point (39) PRINT / MENU in the section "Controls and Readout".

The menus, submenus and items within the following submenus are available:

MAIN MENU ( Main Menu )

  1. CALIBRATE ( Calibrating )
    The information about this can be found in the "Maintenance Instructions" item "Adjustments".
  2. SETUP
    This menu allows you to modify the default parameters for the operation of the device. The SETUP menu contains the
    "MISCELLANEAOUS" and "FACTORY" submenus.



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Image 2

To access the MENU , press the (39) PRINT / MENU key ( ~ 1sec ) for a long time . From then on, the screen will appear as in Image 1, and the two options  CALIBRATE and  SETUP are now available. In all the operations that follow, it should be noted that:

  • the numbers in brackets refer to the positions indicated in the user manual
  • the selection is made with the SAVE and RECALL keys with a short press
  • the choice of validation is made with the SAVE key with a long press
  • the choice of going back ( or EXIT ) in the MENU is made by momentarily pressing the AUTOSET button which is located under the POWER button

The first option highlighted is CALIBRATE and to select SETUP you have to go down to the one below. Briefly press the RECALL button then press the SAVE button (12) for a longer period to confirm.
At this stage the MISCELLANEOUS option ( Image 2 ) is now highlighted. To enter this mode, you must press the SAVE button (12) for a long time .




Thum DSC 7419 01 [320x320px]
Image 3

Available options:

  1. CONTROLS BEEP ON / OFF ( beep on command )
    If the option is OFF, no beep will be emitted when reaching the command limits.
  2. ERROR BEEP ON / OFF ( beep on error )
    If the option is OFF, no audible signal will be emitted in the event of a command error.
  3. QUICK START ON / OFF ( Quick Start )
    If the option is ON the HAMEG logo and the menus will not be displayed after switching on the device will be
    ready soon. To change this option, press the AUTO SET button when switching on
    the device and keep it pressed until the menus appear.
  4. TRIG SYMBOL ON / OFF . The Readout displays the trigger threshold symbol in the majority of Yt operating modes ( time base ). This symbol
    does not appear if the option is OFF. This makes it easier to recognize features of the signal that would otherwise be obscured by this symbol.
  5. DC REFERENCE ON / OFF . If the option is ON and the device is in Yt mode ( time base ), the Readout displays the symbol which indicates the 0
    volt reference position and facilitates the measurement of DC voltages or DC components.
  6. Z ON / OFF input . In the ON position, the BNC TRIG socket. EXT. (38) can be used as Z modulation input, when in analog mode.
  7. MEAN VALUE ON / OFF . In the ON position, display of the average value in READOUT is possible. The measurement cursors must be disabled.
    Further information is given in the paragraph "Display of the average value".


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Image 5
Thum DSC 7421 01 [320x320px]
Image 4

FACTORY ( factory )

This MENU is only available for repair shops authorized by HAMEG.
Available options:







Thum DSC 7423 01 [320x320px]
Image 6

The oscilloscope has in particular a calibration menu. Some options in this menu can be used even
by users who do not have measuring devices or precision generators.
The menu is invoked as described in the “Menu” section. The CALIBRATE menu contains several options.
The following options can be used even without a special measuring or control device or without
prior calibration . The calibration is automatic, no signal should be applied to the BNC sockets:

  1. Y AMP ( measurement amplifier for channels I and II ).
  2. TRIGGER AMP ( trigger amplifier ).
  3. STORE AMP ( digital part ).

The new values ​​determined during calibration are stored automatically and will be retained even
after switching off the device.

Thum DSC 7426 01 [320x320px]
Image 7

The other options require a special security code,
only available for repair shops authorized

There you have it, and your device should now be ready for your next measurements.

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