Acquisition of Oscillogrammes

HAMEG Null-Modem Cable Adapter image [320x105px]

The HAMEG HM-407-2 oscilloscope is an Analog / Digital model. It is very comfortable to use due to its performance. It is also equipped with an RS232 type serial interface which allows it to be connected to a computer in order to obtain the acquisition oscillograms.

To do this, since newer computers no longer have a serial port, a serial-USB interface should be used. Personally, I opted for the purchase of a "Null Modem" converter cable from StarTech using a chip from FTDI. Very well you will tell me!

StarTech ICUSB232FTN Cable image [160x110px]Yes but ... HAMEG does not use a conventional pinout, and I had to use my soldering iron to modify a Serial-Serial cable ( see the attached diagram above ... ) which I no longer needed in order to connect the 2 devices.
Then, once this was done, it only remained to correctly configure the virtual Com Port generated by the interface, and I was finally able to start using the SP107E software from HAMEG, and make my first acquisitions ( see a example at the bottom of this page ... ). The baud rate is normally 19200 baud when switching on the oscillator, but by modifying the software parameters, I now use it at 115200 bauds !!! Very cool !!!

to note :

It is preferable to run the "SP107E" software before commissioning the oscilloscope, otherwise communication is very difficult to obtain, if not impossible.
In this case, the only solution is to turn off the oscillocope and then turn it on again. The RS232 interface will thus be re-initialized, and serial communication can finally be established.

RS232 parameters are as follows
N-8-2 (no parity, 8 data
bits , 2 stop bits, hardware RTS / CTS protocol)
COM4 settings  

Link to the HAMEG site.

HAMEG SP107E software installation manual HAMEG SP107E pdf3
( * .exe file for windows XP / 7/8 )
save f2

Here is the kind of acquisition that it is possible to carry out without difficulty ...

image of an acquisition: Conduction pulse (+) of C4 [320x288px]image of a screenshot of the HAMEG SP107E software

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