HAMEG HM412-5 Analog Oscilloscope

Here is my HAMEG HM412-5 oscilloscope bought new in February 1982, and which so far has never disappointed me.
No breakdown, nothing, not even a little recalibration!

image of the HAMEG HM412-5 Analog Oscilloscope

Technical characteristics :


Operating modes
Channel I, channel II, channels I and II.
Switching alt channels . and cut out.
(Switching frequency approx. 1 MHz.)
Addition of channel I + II.
Difference with inverted I channel.
XY function , 1: 1 ratio.

Vertical amplifiers (Y)
Bandwidth of both channels: 0-20MHz (-3dB), 0-28MHz (-6dB),
Rise time: approx. 17.5ns.
Overshoot: 1% max.

Deviation coefficient: 12 positions cal.
from 5mV / cm to 20V / cm (sequence 1 - 2 - 5),
with fine adjustment not calibrated at 2mV / cm.
Precision of cal positions. : ± 3%.

Input impedance: 1MHz || 25pF.
Input coupling: DC-AC-GND.
Max voltage input: 500V (= + peak ~).
Y range overshoot display by 2 LEDs.

Time base
Scanning speeds: 21 cal positions.
from 0.5µs / cm to 2s / cm (sequence 1 - 2 - 5),
with fine adjustment not cal. at approx. 0.2µs / cm,
with x5 expansion to approx. 40ns / cm.
Precision of cal positions. : ± 3%.
Variable sweep inhibition: 10: 1 min.
Output for sawtooth voltage: approx. 5V.

Auto trigger on peak value or
adjustable level of channel I, II, I / II, mains or ext.
Polarity: positive or negative.
Coupling: DC, AC, TV filter.
Trigger sensitivity: 5mm approx.
in the frequency range 0 to 40MHz.
LED trigger display.
Decl. single shot (Single-Reset with LED).

Scanning delay: 7 positions
from 100ns to 1s, with 10: 1 fine adjustment.
Functions: normal, search, delay.
Function display by LED.


Horizontal amplifier (X)
Bandwidth: 0 to 2MHz (-3dB).
Entry through channel II.
Other values ​​see vertical amplifiers.
XY phase difference: Inter. 3 pos. for graticule lighting.
Trace rotation adjustable externally.
Square wave generator approx. 1KHz incorporated
for probe adjustment (0.2V ± 1%).
Input for Z modulation (TTL level).

Electronic stabilization of operating voltages.
Mains connection for 110, 125, 220, 240V ~
Permissible mains variation: ± 10% max.
Mains frequency range: 50 to 60Hz.

Consumption: approx. 38W.
Weight: approx. 7.5kg
Box: 212x237x380mm, anthracite,
with handle and retractable crutch.


Link to the HAMEG site.

PDF copy of the user manual found on the HAMEG website pdf3

Jean Charles DURAND's troubleshooting report :
More sweeping (in French) pdf3
My warmest thanks to JCD for its sharing, and which allowed me to place its document here.

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