CB38: the hoses are leaking!

UP00020 reservoirOnce is not customary, when we take the machines out of the winter, we sometimes encounter problems.
This is what happened recently, I noticed a slight fuel leak that came from time to time from who knows where at the carburetor ...

In fact the hoses had become porous and were leaking at the level of the carburettors. Of course impossible to find these in the trade and even less on the net.

The engine of this machine looks like one of a Homelite type F2020 for which I was able to download the exploded views ( see my previous article ) with the references of the parts.
If the references of the hoses no longer pass even on the Homelite site, on the other hand we can still find the tank fully equipped, and that on a Parisian site.
Luck was with me that day, the new tank has exactly the same fixing points as the original one, and therefore adapts perfectly to the machine. It also has a deflector screen positioned just under the exhaust, which the old one did not have.
Those interested can note the reference for a possible order from ADEPEM :

To carry out this repair, you must first remove the rear flange which blocks the cylinder. This, making a fiber gasket, normally ensures its tightness.
I say normally because on mine it has already been destroyed for several years, and in 2007 I had replaced it with a silicone seal ( AUTOJOINT from Loctite ) which held up very well.
I therefore repeated this operation when reassembling the new tank, but this time with a blue seal from BARDAHL. The result is the same, difficult BARDAHL blue seal [160x284px]to apply correctly, but it works.

Good repair to you!

new UP00020 tank

new tank mounted UP00020

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