Maintenance on chainsaw YB701 Iseki Shindaiwa

view from left side of machine ...YB701 Iseki Shindaiwa chainsaw
(Japanese origin - manufactured in 1988)
For information, this is an air-cooled 47.9cm3 2-stroke single-cylinder petrol engine. The carburetor is a membrane Walbro. The capacity of the gasoline tank is 0.50 liters. The capacity of the chain oil tank is 0.25 liters. Lubrication is automatic by an adjustable flow pump. The length of the guide is 45cm. The machine weighs 5.2kg ( without guide or chain ). The starting is done using a hand starter, the ignition is electronic.

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Before reading the following, please know that I can in no way be held responsible for any damage that your equipment may suffer during or / and after this type of intervention.

It all depends on what you want to do on your machine but, for any intervention on the engine itself, you will have to remove the clutch as well as the flywheel.
Disassembling the clutch
For this you need to make an extractor, which you will attach to the flywheel in order to immobilize it. I offer you a listed photo of the tool that I thus produced:
view of the extractor to be made ...To make this tool, I used a mild steel bar with a section of 20mm and a thickness of 4mm, minimum length of 145mm. Measure and mark on your bar a first line 25mm from the edge, then the second at 16.5mm, the third again at 16.5mm, and finally the last 80mm further.
Draw a line down the center of the bar along its length. This gives you your drilling axes.
The first (the one 25mm from the edge ... ) will be drilled at 6mm, the second at 5mm and tapped at 6-100, the third at 6mm and the last at 4mm.
To use the tool, it is not necessary to remove the 2 locking levers ( not visible here ... ) of the launcher. It is just more convenient to insert the socket on the flywheel retaining nut.
Install the completed tool on the flywheel, then turn the machine over and clamp the tool in a vise. Using a pin punch ( 6-7mm minimum ... ), strike a small sharp blow transversely to the clutch ( see photo). Attention, this is an English step, that is to say that the tightening direction is the reverse of that of clockwise! Unscrew the part, and pay attention to the needle cage bearing, take the opportunity to check that it is still in good condition ... When you reassemble the clutch, also tighten it using the pin punch.


If your machine refuses to accelerate, suffocates and stalls, it is more than likely that there is an air intake in the gasoline inlet. First, and before touching the carburettor, check and clean with compressed air the vent nozzle, located at the front of the machine, in a round black rubber cap. Also check the suction pipe with its strainer . If the pipe is very soft and gets damaged under the fingers, it is imperative to replace it, it is the cause of your failure.

Engine oil :
But where can this oil come from, you will tell me? Well, if we consider that this engine is of the 2-stroke type, and that it uses a mixture of SP95 gasoline dosed at 4% of synthetic oil " Special Motoculture engine 2T", also taking into account that the tank has a capacity of 600ml, that gives us a quantity of oil of 24ml. A part of course is burned with gasoline, but there is enough left for the lubrication of the crankshaft.

Chain oil :
For this oil, please, no frying oil! only use oil intended for this purpose, the name " Chainsaw chain oil"being clearly indicated on the cans ( which can be found in 2L and 5L ) in all DIY stores.

search When I was looking for spare parts, I had a bit of trouble because the Yvan Béal group stopped selling this machine. However, I managed to find the address of a workshop that could provide me with it. If this is also your case, you must send your request by email preferably to the following address:

2 avenue Roger Salengro
93220 GAGNY
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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