OFOlux ceiling modification

I wrote this article to describe how to replace the existing 16W neon ( which also hardly lights up ... ) with LED bulbs. image of an OFOlux neon ceiling light ...
I was strongly inspired by an article published on an Italian forum , having found nothing equivalent elsewhere ...
I drew in QCad the parts ( two in number ) to be made to transform my ceiling light.
If you have the same model as mine, it will be a breeze to perform this transformation.

Here is the detail of the supplies I used :

To make the mounting brackets, I made your work easier by drawing them under QCad according to the dimensions I noted on my ceiling light.
The drilling plan notably reuses the already existing holes in the ceiling light base.
You will need to pop the 2 aluminum rivets that allow the fixing of the printed circuit board as well as the plastic socket of the neon ( Image 4 )
For the assembly of the various parts, I used screws from a box very practical and very economical :

  • 1 x M3x12mm screw + nut → fixing of the domino ( it also uses an already existing hole in the base ... )
  • 4 x screws + nuts M4x12mm ( including 2 that I cut to 8mm ):
    • 2 x screws + nuts M4x12mm → fixing of ceramic sleeves
    • 2 x screws + nuts M4x8mm → fixing of the sheet metal legs ( aluminum would also be perfect ... )

All the screws included supplies cost me € 20.80 ( excluding shipping costs in April 2016 ), and will consume 7W instead of 16W for a completely different light.
There is really no need to ignore this new comfort which will also extend your battery life !
Personally, I have transformed all of the lighting on my Motorhome into "all Leds".
You will find below for download the DXF file as well as the SVG and PDF export formats that I was able to create.

Drawing with all dimensions: Button 60

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