Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ

Clicker 2 for PIC18FJgreen-new-button [41x40px]This small card ( by its size, but large by its ca pacities! ) Is now one of my favorite accessories, so much the desire is to develop for it! In addition, for $ 39, do your accounts between the components and the double-sided plate in expoxy glass, metallized and screen-printed holes and ... probably routed in multi-layers ...

It is equipped with an 8-bit PIC18F87J50 processor, 2 indicator LEDs (RED) as well as 2 user-configurable push buttons, an ON / OFF switch and a reset button.
It has 2 female connectors to the mikroBUS ™ standardwith SPI, I2C, UART, RST, PWM, analog and interrupt lines, as well as + 3.3V, + 5V and GND power lines.
Two 26-pin connectors also allow its interfacing with a large number of development boards.
Here is the detailed description of this card:

  • Power supply via a mini-B USB connector, the Vsys / + 5V line or via a specific connector that can accommodate a Li-Polymer type battery, with LED (GREEN) signaling
  • A dedicated LTC3586 circuit takes care of the battery charge. The LED (RED) indicates when the battery is charging.
    The charging current is about 300mA under 4.2V
  • An in-situ programming connector (ICSP) accepting the MikroElektronika ICD2 / ICD3 programmer or even the Pickit2 / 3Microchip ( note, the pinout differs from one to the other )
    WARNING! The power supply via this connector is exclusively + 3.3V .
    This is what made me opt for Pickit3 to replace my ICD2 clone , without forgetting of course the much faster communication!
  • Two 26-pin connectors allowing access to these ports:
    • the first named HDR1
      • Vsys / + 5V, + 3.3V and GND
      • Analog lines
        • RA2, RH4, RH5, RH6, RH7, RF2, RF5
      • Interrupt lines
        • RB0, RB1, RB2, RB3
      • Digital I / O lines
        • RA3, RC0, RE0, RE1, RE3, RF7, RH1, RH2
      • SPI1 lines
        • SCK / RC3, SDI / RC4, SDO / RC5
    • the second named HDR2
      • Reset, + 3.3V and GND
      • PWM lines
        • RC1, RC2, RG0, RG4
      • Digital I / O lines
        • RA4, RA5, RB4, RB5, RH0, RJ0, RJ1, RJ2, RJ3, RJ4, RJ6, RJ7
      • UART1 lines
        • Rx / RC7, Tx / RC6
      • I²C2 lines
        • SCL / RD6, SDA / RD7
  • Mini-B USB interface allowing ultra-fast communication thanks to the mikroBootloader HID
  • Supplied with a PIC18F87J50 microcontroller( with HID Bootloader ), an 8MHz quartz, 2 breakable male strips of 26 pins
  • Dimensions: 81.15 x 60.45mm

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