Ready for PIC (DIP28 or DIP40)

board 28pinsThis small card ( by its size, but large by its ca pacities! ) Is now one of my favorite accessories ( I have two in DIP28 and one in DIP40 ), so much the desire is to develop for it! In addition, for $ 29, do your accounts between the components and the double-sided plate in expoxy glass, metallized and screen-printed holes and ... probably routed in multi-layers ...

In addition to its 4 male HE10 type communication connectors (Ports A, B, C, D, E), it has a number of very interesting characteristics:

  • Power supply via an AC / DC 7-23V AC or 9-32V DC connector ( consumption: ~ 7mA no-load ) with signaling LED
  • A 2-position jumper allows you to select the processor voltage of your choice + 3.3V or + 5V
  • UART interface (RX.TX) via the USB port ( an FTDI chip performs the functions ) with 2 signaling LEDs
    that I personally use with my ICD2 programmer
  • Supplied with a PIC18F25K22 micro-controller( with Bootloader ), an 8MHz quartz, a USB cable and a DVD-Rom
  • Prototyping area
  • Dimensions: 141 x 84mm
  • A dedicated boxvery practical is available as an option for $ 15 ( here is an example of a completedcool)
  • Compatible with EasyPIC7 ( or other models ... ) and its entire range of accessories

It is obvious that you can use all types of PIC micro-controllers in DIP28 or DIP40 according to your personal choices.
On mine equipped with a DIP28 support, the metallized holes are also present for the 40 pins version, I added two Lyre type strips of 20 pinson either side of the existing support. So, I can mount micro-controllers of 28 or 40 pins according to my preferences!

DSC02085 ReadyforPIC [215x139px]The same in DIP40 versionalso exists, equipped with a PIC18F45K22 microcontroller, but for the rest there are no differences.

PDF documents of both versions pdf3

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