ProtoPic2840 Development Board Schematic

This card is an extension of the PICÉE card.
We can distinguish the different subsets that compose it, all framed. The transistor and resistor circled in red are a modification I made after making the card, and are connected to the RA4 line. Indeed, this is necessary, since the port of the processor is open collector. The diagram itself does not call for further comment, it is only circuitry ...

SCH proto card 527x303
When making the ProtoPic2840 board, the greatest care should be taken in the welding work, for several reasons:
given the cost price ( not being equipped for this, I had the board engraved at UTIL'POCKET for a little less than € 30 including postage ... ), I couldn't afford the luxury of metallic holes, let alone screen printing. This implies the presence of very many VIA ( link allowing the connection from one side to the other ... ). On the other hand, the tracks are thin ( 20mil = 0.508mm ), except for VDD & GND power supplies which are 40mil ( 1.016mm ). The pellets are 60mil ( 1,524mm) in diameter, drilling at 0.8-1mm depending on the case. There is therefore hardly any margin for error! A good soldering iron with a very fine tip is highly recommended. Practice beforehand, especially since some pins of the tulip supports also serve as VIA ...
It should be noted that I have again routed the card just for you, in order to include the modification concerning the transistor. and its resistance on line RA4 ( T1 & R38 ). You will thus not need to mount them as I did, on the bottom side ...

Once completed, this new card will surely give you a lot of satisfaction, and that at a very reasonable cost. It cannot of course compete with the HP488 or the EasyPic7, but the target audience is not the same either. These 2 cards are mainly intended for the world of education. From the ProtoPic2840, there are hardly any limitations, if not perhaps the IDC2 ( programmer / debugger for PIC microcontrollers from Microchip )?

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