Nespresso MAGIMIX Essenza M100

photo of the Nespresso M100

Purchased in 2008, my machine has a water leak under the right front of the body.
Wanting to open it to see where the problem could well come from, I found myself confronted with screws deemed to be tamper-proof whose imprint is oval in shape.
photo of a tamper-proof screw photo of the manufactured toolTo remove them, I proceeded as indicated in the post http://www.tout-electromenager.fr/forum_lecture-4775-4-1.html and made my own tool from a car spark plug. Things are going pretty well, and I was able to dismantle the 2 side half-shells. Subsequently, I will just have to replace them with 3x16mm Phillips screws, available in most DIY stores.

rear view photo of the M100

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Before reading the following, please know that I can in no way be held responsible for any damage that your equipment may suffer during or / and after this type of intervention.

Unscrew the 4 screws holding the 2 half-shells, and unclip them upwards to remove them. To dismantle the top of the box, it is necessary to remove the screw ( Torx 9mm ) located at the rear and at the top of the machine, visible once the water tank has been removed, as well as the 2 screws now accessible on the sides.front view photo of the M100It will also be necessary to remove the spout located at the front, by unclipping it delicately following the 2 arrows ( one side at a time! ). The top of the cabinet can thus be removed.

After disassembly, I did not notice any leaks at the level of the various pipe connections, and after various vacuum tests and analysis of the problem, I noted that this came from the assembly including the handle called "brewing unit". photo of the M100 brewing unitThe connection of the transparent flexible pipe coming from the pump outlet is held by a small clip, which should be removed. We can thus disconnect the pipe, and see that there is an O-ring to perfect the seal.photo of the pipe of the brewing unit fitted with its O-ringThe seal would therefore probably be defective, the water thus flowing into the container for receiving the used capsules, and also by oozing, into the machine. No scale in sight, normal, I use demineralized water ... For the moment, having no spare parts, I simply cleaned the seal, then reassembled the assembly. We will see...

[ Edit of November 20, 2011 ] The method seems to work, in any case, no more water leaks!

[ Edit of October 10, 2012 ] The seal showing a slight leak at the level of the brewing unit ( 19 bars of pressure! ), I decided to replace the complete collection ( 6 seals in all ).
→ I ordered them here: http://www.adepem.com/PIECES-DETACHEES-054512.html
photo of the M100 brewing unit

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