Wind module adjustment procedure

image of a digital multimeter

Here are some measurements carried out on this part of the diagram, by replacing the wind sensor by a generator of rectangular signals. Initially, all these measurements will be made with P201 set to halfway ( position determined using an ohmmeter ). Then, two other series of measurements will be carried out, with P201 at the minimum then at the maximum, in order to define the operating range of the NE555 in this assembly. The interest is obviously to calibrate the system, as well as to verify its correct functioning.

The rest of these 3 articles concerning measurements is postponed for the moment, my function generator has just broken down!

image of part of the wind detector diagram ...

1st series of measurements : Potentiometer P201 set to halfway (50%)

image of an oscillogram ...image of an oscillogram ...image of an oscillogram ...
Freq. input: 10Hz Freq. input: 50Hz Freq. input: 100Hz

image of an oscillogram ...image of an oscillogram ...
Freq. input: 200Hz Freq. input: 300Hz

Note: Having encountered some problems with my old generator, some of these oscillograms require a countermeasure, if only to remove the noise.
This document is therefore in a provisional state ...

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