WISI OR07 HD TNT / SAT demodulator

WISI OR07 HD (front) ...
This TNT / SAT receiver is available in several brands and models. It can be found at WISI with the OR07 HD model (the one I own ), at SERVIMAT with the Sirius HD or even at THOMSON with the THS804 or THS805 but in the case of these last 2 models, their presentation is somewhat different.

I use mine in a Motorhome and since it fits in a separate cabinet from the monitor, the IR remote control is more than necessary.
I already had this handy accessory on my previous demodulator, but it is not compatible with the one presented because the male Jack plug ( a 2.5mm model with 4 poles ... ) is different, and therefore the internal wiring differs also.

The supplier I selected does not supply this accessory ( email remained unanswered to this day ... ), I ordered it separately elsewhere on the Internet ...
It was sold to me as being compatible with the WISI OR07 HD as well as for the THOMSON THS804 / 805, but in reality this is not true. The wiring of the jack plug differs from that imposed by the socket integrated into the demodulator ...

Jack Plug 2.5mm 4 Poles - original wiring ...
Image 1

Having no information from any of my 2 suppliers (...), I set to work and analyzed the operation of my device ...
The IR offset sensor can be easily removed using a hidden cruciform screw under the double-sided tape. Once the screw is removed, the small box opens to reveal the printed circuit ( Image 1 ).

punctuation iconBefore reading the following, please note that I can in no way be held responsible for any damage that your equipment may suffer as a result of this type of manipulation.

In order to better understand the operation with this module, I opened my demodulator by removing the 4 cruciform screws ( no tamper-evident label on my device ... curious and unusual ... ) and with the oscilloscope I have been able to view the signals present on the jack, in particular the power supply ( + 3.3V ) as well as the digital information of the signal emitted by the remote control.
Image 2 shows the location of the Jack plug with its connection pins.

the open demodulator showing the jack ...
Image 2
Jack Plug 2.5mm 4 Poles - modified wiring ...
Image 3

The Jack plug being molded, it is preferable to carry out the modification on the small printed circuit of the IR offset.
Picture 3 shows the modification made to the wiring of this small module, because I did not modify anything on the demodulator. It remains as at its origin.
The red wire ( supply + 3.3V ) and the yellow wire ( GND ) do not change, I only swapped the green wire with the blue wire, the latter not being used on my equipment.
It remains to replace the double-sided tape, and the operation is then complete.

With this small intervention, the IR remote control works perfectly well and I was able to find a functionality that is only of interest if the demodulator is hidden somewhere, whether at home, or as for me in my leisure vehicle.

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