European WEEE and RoHS directives

In 2002, the European Union (“EU”) published two directives dealing with the management of used electronic equipment. According to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (“ WEEE ”), manufacturers and importers of electronic devices must, from August 2005, take back end-of-life products and responsible for their recycling and waste management. Companies must provide, either separately or collectively, for the collection and disposal of products containing used electrical and electronic equipment and this outside the municipal waste management system. The directive on the limitation of certain hazardous substances (" RoHS Or Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive) prohibits the use of these substances in electrical and electronic products after July 2006. To ensure compliance with the RoHS directive , each company must evaluate its manufacturing or procurement processes and phase out and where possible banned substances.

Even though uncertainties remain regarding the implementation of the WEEE and RoHS directives , MARKEM continues to monitor progress and its aim is to comply with them in full. MARKEM will seek to facilitate the disposal of its products in accordance with the WEEE directive . Furthermore, where commercially possible, MARKEM plans to work with its suppliers to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances, as required by the RoHS directive .

MARKEM continues its commitment to the environment: in particular, the company met the requirements of the CONEG (Coalition of New England Governors or Coalition of New England Governors) more than 10 years ago, has reformulated its inks to remove pigments containing, among other things, heavy metals and has recently been designated as Sony Green Partner (Sony Green Partner).

These two directives in PDF format can be downloaded below:

WEEE directive
RoHS directive

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