Lead free solder and filter fine dust

HV2 04 [150x215px]The European RoHS directive prohibits the use of lead for soldering, but the elimination of lead does not mean that welding no longer emits harmful substances. The fluxes remain the source of possible dangers. However, lead-free solder, instead of containing less than lead solder, contains more! Higher welding temperatures also lead to higher evaporation. Welding vapor contains not only hydrogen and acids, but also formaldehyde and fine dust. These consist of particles small enough to enter the lungs and which, in addition, contain particles of fluxes, mainly natural or synthetic resins, acids and halogen-based activators such as acid. adipic or succinic.

This is why many employers are taking initiatives to provide their staff with a safe workplace, ”explains Holger Engelbrecht, product manager of reichelt elektronik distributor and specialist in welding technology. This development is confirmed by the sustained demand for welding vapor suction techniques. “The extraction of welding fumes with systems with several filters of different classes is effective against unpleasant fumes and dangerous fine dust,” explains Engelbrecht. For now, the use of these filters is not required by law, but recommended by professional associations.

Xytronic professional vacuum cleaners offer excellent value for money. The fan rotation speed is variable; it can suck and filter on one or two workstations simultaneously (350 m 3 / h). The powerful pump motor is maintenance-free. The hoppers are connected by a flexible 250 cm long and 75 mm in diameter to the compact base unit which is stored under the workstation. The sound level is less than 50 dB.
The easy-to-handle 3-filter system (pre-filter, Hepa filter and activated carbon filter) retains toxic substances and fine dust.

For intermittent and residential use , reichelt elektronik offers effective solutions that help significantly reduce problematic welding fumes. The Xytronic 426 DLX welding fume extractor, also equipped with an activated carbon filter, has a flow rate of 120 m 3 / h.

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